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Welcome to Chex Quest Gallery! I'm your webmaster, Xbolt, and I'll be updating and monitoring this site. This site aims to be the most comprehensive database of Chex Quest related material, old mods, both official and fanmade, and a complete directory of all Chex Quest related websites. Click on one of the above links to start browsing through one of this archive of Chex Quest material's sections. If you need any help, post in the forums, or contact me at peter [at] knowledgehouse [dot] info.

3:33 AM Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After crawling through the dark recesses of my hard drive, I uncovered several Chex Quest WADs that predate even me. And now, they're here to be played by the new generation. Here they are: Atariangamer's CQ Wad, Chex Quest SE, Chex Quest ZM, Chexmaps2, Chexmaps3, Chexmiss.rar, and One Year.

2:53 AM Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've added Aroenai's scans of the orignal cereal box that Chex Quest came in.

9:05 PM Wednesday, October 7, 2009

After a brief disappearance, the Chex Quest Gallery is back in business! Unfortunately, Manny Cav is no longer able to do this himself, so I, Xbolt, will be the new webmaster here.

8:47 AM Friday, September 11, 2009

So, here on Patriot Day comes the awaited Chex Quest Arena Beta 4. I'm keeping Beta 3 up for achival purposes.

1:06 PM Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I finally got around to updating "Atariangamer's" MP3 Chex Quest music, as well as the cheat code information for Chex Quest 4. Sorry about the long wait.

8:10 AM Sunday, June 28, 2009

Several pages got minor updates. Chukker also updated ZDoom_Chex3, ZDoom_Chex3_DB2, Source to chex3.exe, and Chex Quest 3. I followed suit and updated my Chex Quest Walkthrough.

9:03 AM Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have revised the SciFience notice in the Downloads sectoin.

10:45 PM Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under request, I have uploaded The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase I for historical and technical purposes.

8:55 PM Sunday, June 14, 2009

As promised, I have released an updated verion of my Chex Quest Walkthrough that's now compatible with Chex Quest 3 (version 1.3).

7:18 PM Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Chukker" has released Version 1.3 of Chex Quest 3. It's filled with bug fixed and imported features from The Ultimate Chex Quest. Expect a corresponding walkthrough update soon.

9:28 AM Friday, June 12, 2009

"Chukker" has made a Doom Builder 2 configuration file for Chex Quest 3. If you're using Doom Builder 2, use this configuration file instead of the old one.

6:10 PM Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Removed some dead FileFront links.

5:21 PM Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have upload new Chex Quest music by two different authors. One package is from "Atariangamer," and the other is from "wiweeyum." Check them out today!

6:41 PM Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have personally released my own Chex Quest Font Package for use with making custom text.

12:21 PM Monday, May 18, 2009

"TheMasterOfBattle" has made a website, Chex Quest United, to cover his Chex Quest League.

9:54 PM Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chex Quest 3 Walkthrough now has a Neoseeker mirror, as well.

6:20 PM Monday, May 11, 2009

Chex Quest 3 Walkthrough now has a GameFAQs mirror.

10:50 PM Thursday, May 07, 2009

I updated Chex Quest 3 Walkthrough yet again. Expect a GameFAQs mirror soon.


I had a change in place in my style sheet that I forgot to implement. I'm doing it now.


I've added my own personal Chex Quest 3 Walkthrough to the Downloads, as well as The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II beta 3. I also updated Chex Quest 3.


Some grammar edits were made to the Items section, but that's the limit of it.


Slightly revised information for Chex Quest 4. I've also added Chex Quest 2D and The Return of the Chex Warrior as dead websites to the Links section. I also fixed the data for the Mini- and Rapid Zorchers in the Items section.


Problems at NXServe have forced me to again seek out new hosting. Chex Quest Gallery is now proud to be hosted by "Richie" at Chex Quest Fan Forums. You can now find Chex Quest Gallery at

Back to business. I've overhauled the Characers and Items sections, and touched up the other sections. I've also added Chex Quest 4, provided by "Dacicus," to the Downloads section, as well as a revised Chex Quest Icons and Chex Quest Music. The counter stopped working, however, and was removed. I can't recall the exact number it stopped on, but I know it was very close to 500.


Another update for Strife's Music is at hand, as well as a fix for Chex Quest Music, and a correctly-named version of ChexQuest Commercial. Violation Flemoid also has updated information in the Links section, which has also been revised to include abandoned Chex Quest websites.


"Strife" must be a busy man, because I just updated his Music yet again. :P However, I must also announce that Chex Trek has been taken off of the Links list because of the domain squatters finally taking it over.


I have scrapped the Walthroughs section in favor of a walkthrough text file.


I added a new download to the Downloads sectioin. Check out High-Res Scans Of CQ Sleeve And CD, by "Richie!"


I added a mirror to Chex Quest 3 (stolen).


I updated all links to Chex Quest Fan Forums to include the www.


I made a simple update to the Downloads section, adding a notice about the "scifience" version of Chex Quest.


I redid the Downloads and GetWAD sections to have mirrors for the downloads in those sections. I also updated Strife's Music yet again.


I updated Chex Quest Music and Strife's Music.


I added a counter to the bottom of the main page to get a general idea of the normal page views that I receive.


I added a couple of new websites to the Links section. In the Downloads section, I freshened up Tilple's Remixes and Original Music and added the SMK versions of the Chex Quest Intro and Chex Quest Ending videos. The biggest thing, though, is a switch in hosting to allow myself more file space and not have a daily bandwidth limit that was a real killer at my old host.


I added internal hotlinks to the Downloads page.


Minor update to the Links section.


Logo edit, as well as a few other minor things. The most important thing, though, is Beta 3 of Chex Quest Arena. Check it out in the Downloads section, and update your copy today!


"The Slimeinator" has released a new version of the The New Chex Quest: Generation 2 IWAD, and I have mirrored it here in the GetWAD section as doom2.wad. You can get the original file here.


I have finally uploaded a link to the Chex Quest 3 download. I'm mirroring it here in case something happens to the real download. I also added a Doom Builder configuration file for Chex Quest 3, as well as future space for the source code of chex3.wad. The problem with uploading the chex3.exe source is that I don't have enough space on this free web hosting to upload it (the file's size is 32.5 MB). However, I can get more file space if I can get referrals, that is, people to register to WebNG's web hosting by clicking on the referral link in the opening paragraph on this page. I need 20 MB more space, or 2 more referrals. So, if you want the mirror and need to get free web hosting, then click on the link provided to WebNG free web hosting and sign up with the provided form!


I did some fixing up in the website XHTML to make it a little more neat, visibly and internally. I also changed some incorrect 2008 references to 2009, as well as updated the Chex Quest 3 icon with an authentic file (the other one was altered).


I changed the Chex piece icon and the Cheats section. Release 6 of The New Chex Quest: Generation 2 is also out and has been updated here. You can learn more about this project at "The Slimeinator's" website, Chex Quest Generation 2.


I've updated some of the images in the Characters section.


Spelling nistakes are evil.


Added a new website: Violation Flemoid by "wiweeyum." Violation Flemoid is a project that is designed to be what the now-cancelled Chex Trek was meant to be. There are no downloads yet, so check around once in a while to see what's new.


Corrected an error in the last update.


OH, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I JUST WENT THE WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER WITH NO UPDATE!!!!!!!!! IS THIS A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME??????? Ha, I hope not! :-P Actually, news of Chex Quest things has been kind of slow. The biggest new thing is the newest version of Chex Quest 3 with new music, but that's old news now. The update just relates to the changing of a link in the About section, although I'm thinking about fixing the menu that shifts around whenever you go to a new section. I have also added the resource list of the stolen Chex Quest 3 to the Downloads section.


I found an error in the readme of the latest release of Chex Quest Arena, so I have uploaded a fixed version with the readme fixed.


There's a new version of Chex Quest Arena. It's not much, but if you can, do check it out in the Downloads section and update your current version to this one.


Updated a URL in the Links section.


Spelling nistakes suck. There's also a little discrepancy in Chex Quest 3 where the mikekoenigs and scottholman cheats are reversed. Hopefully, this will be fixed, but for now, I've reversed the cheats here to reflect that.


The first update in October brings you an important update to this website. I have now engineered it to reflect on Chex Quest 3 as the latest canon version of Chex Quest. Chex Quest 3 material can now be found in the About, Items, etc. sections.


Another website has been addded to the Links section--the simply named Chex Quest, from "jchexwarrior". There's not much to it yet (old story, huh?), so you will need to check back later to find much of anything, as there are still broken links and empty pages. Unfortunately, I also had to remove "ivhimss's" website, since the domain squatters got it.

Also, the first download of Chex Quest Arena has been uploaded! Get it in the Download section, and make sure to read the readme!


Rapid-fire updates to Chex Quest 3 have made me decide to pull the download off of the shelf until a more stable release is brought out.


The first update in September now brings quite a bit of news. First of all, The Chex Quest Arena section was removed. Why? Because it would be pointless to have two news sections to update, and there just wouldn't be much to the Che xQuest Arena section, so I decided to just put Chex Quest Arena news here, in the main News section, and put Chex Quest Arena, when released, with the rest of the downloads.

Second, Chukker has finally published an initial release of the long-awaited "official" Chex Quest 3. It is a combination of efforts from several of the original Digital Café staffers that made the original Chex Quest, and ir is presented by Charles Jacobi, the art director behind Chex Quest. This is the official sequel to Chex Quest 2 that we have waited for so long to see, and that we know we deserve after the "other" Chex Quest 3. Chex Quest 1 and 2 are also included in the same WAD, with some updates to them, as well. I've mirrored it in the Download section, so you can get it there. The Chex Quest Icons section has also been correspondedly updated again, so you might as well check that out, as well.


Updated the Chex Quest Icons download. It now includes a Chex Quest 3 icon.


Because I figured that sooner or later the only known download for the "stolen" Chex Quest 3 would vanish, I decided to upload it, and update the Chex Quest Music download accordingly. At first, I was determined to host nothing related to Chex Quest 3 on my website, but I figured that I had better archive this piece of Chex Quest history, as well, since material from it actually seems to be requested once in a while. Keep in mind that the Home of the Underdogs download still works. I was just mirroring it, since that website has had an unstable history with domain names.


The first update in August brings you a new website for the Links section, Frizkie - A Chex Quest Fanatic.


Added some concept art to the Downloads section and updated the About section accordingly.


Renamed a website in the Links section to stay updated.


Grammar fixes in the GetWAD section.


Updated Chex Quest: Journey of Legends in the GetWAD section.


Significant changes have been made. 4 new sections have been made, with 3 of them still needing some significant work. The big thing, though, is the new section for my upcoming Chex Quest mod for Skulltag, "Chex Quest Arena". There has been no release yet, though. Chex back now and again for progress.


I added a Chex Quest-oriented article from The Hub to the Downloads section. I also edited the About section.


I added a smaller version of Chex Quest in the Downloads section for people with a slower internet connection, or that only need a part of the Chex Quet CD.


I added another website to the Links directory. Check out joshsfreeweb, a Chex Quest fansite ran by "Josh".


I fixed a link in the Links section. I also added another picture in the Downloads section.


Another update brings you another website, CQ Hideout, which is ran by "Batmanifestdestiny". There's not much there yet, but he's working on a Chex Quest project for Wolfenstein 3D, so check it out once in awhile for updates.


Mild edit in the Links section. Nothing fancy.


My first update in June brings you a new Chex Quest fansite in the Links section, Chex Quest: condition S.L.I.M.E. Go there to learn more about the Chex Quest Game Maker peoject by Super Chex.


Just tidying up the XHTML on my site. Nothing much.


Logo updates, plus an updated version of Chex Quest Adventures, courtesy of damien!


More work in the Items section, among other things.


Yes, more image work. This time, in the Items section.


Yet more general image updates. And, yes, I renamed the main section.


More image updates, this time, in the Credits section. I replaced the PNG images with GIF images. Same exact quality (the PNGs never used many colors), but lower file sizes.


I have recently learned that the download "Chex Quest Adventure" (found in the Downloads section) is actually by a Chex Quest member called "damien". There may also be an updated version soon. Stay tuned.

I have also uploaded newer GIFs to the Characters section that more closely mimic the Doom II monster gallery.


After a week, I have decided to make the new theme permanent. It is still subject to tweaking and improvement, though.


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that I did a overhaul on the site layout. I was finally able to get that frames-look menu without actually using frames. E-mail me your thoughts on the new site theme! Keep it or trash it?


Slight edit in the About section. Also, the pun in the last update entry two days ago was not intended. :-D


I forgot to chex my Cheats section for XHTML errors, and wouldn't you know, there were errors! I've fixed them, now.


Added a comprehensive Cheats section, so smiles for that. I also made another minor improvement, but I forgot what it was (even though I uploaded it). Mabey I'll remember it.


MAJOR improvements have been made. I've revamped several web pages, and added new Credits and Items web pages to further develop this site into the full-blown fansite that I invisioned.


I added an "About" section for Chex Quest and Chex Quest Gallery. I might improve on it in the future, but it looked good enough to upload it.


I talked to my host about the ad thing and asked them, if they could, to clean up the ad so it wouldn't make my XHTML invalid. Instead, they removed the ad outright. Odd.... But, you take what you can get.

Also, I figured out how to remove the old, tacky "<hr />" tags and replace them with a real, resizable border, which I did on all of my web pages here. Looks nicer, don't it?


I finny got tired of the ugly site theme (yay for you if you thought not that it was ugly!) and brewed up a nice theme using Chex Quest-themed images. Thanks to "Strife" for the background. It was taken from his mod, Strife's Level Pack #1, available at this site in the Downloads section.

Also, thanks to WebNG's new, single ad at the footer of my web pages, the XHTML validation is messed up. Oh, well. I'll see if I can get some answers from them and if they can clean the ad up to validate with my HTML.


I reuploaded the Chex Quest Icons download in the Downloads section. It now has 3 addiitonal icons, which are the Cap'n Cruch's Crunchling Adventure, Other Dimension, and Chex Quest Scrensavers icons.


It's come to my attention that the font that I previously used was a bit obscure, so I changed it to something that you probably have on your system. I've also fixed the "2007" entries to say "2008."


I've actually been silently updating the downloads and links without updating the index for the past few days. I have, indeed, added a whole gaggle of links to every Chex Quest website that I know of in existance. If you know of one that I missed, email me and I'll add it. I have also added some interesting downloads to the Downloads section, and, of course, I have added a Characters section for you to look at. It's the first sign that I am planning to expand this into a full-blown Chex Quest fansite. ;-)


In case you haven't noticed, there's been some major reforms here. Uncontrollable circumstances have forced some considerable consolidations here. I have decided to focus all of my attention on the one enduring and most popular aspect of this site -- the Chex Quest Gallery. I will eventually build this up as the most complete database for old Chex Quest material, as well as a catalog for every Chex Quest related site currently online. The entire focus of the site will be on Chex Quest, making this another Chex Quest fansite. If you would like to have your Chex Quest fansite added to the fan directory, just email me.

I have also strived to make this site compatible with XHTML 1.0 as defined by W3Schools, as well as format this site with valid CSS. This was not possible at my previous host due to the ads, but the ad-free hosting here allows me and you to take advantage of the compatibility this brings.

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