Chex Quest Gallery

Here is the cast of friends and enemies you'll meet in Chex Quest.

The Good Guys
Chex Warrior
Chex Warrior
This is you, Chex "Fred Chexter" Warrior. You've been sent to the planet of Bazoik to rescue the captive citizens there from the clutches of the Flembrane. You must also thwart the invaison on Chex City that follows, and then the final invasion by the Flemoids in the meteor spaceship.
Citizens of Bazoik
These are the citizens taken hostage by the Flemoids on the planet Bazoik. Your goal on your first mission is to find these citizens and rescue them from the clutches of the evil Flembrane.
The Bad Guys
Flemoidus Commonus
The most common of the Flemoids (hence the name) also happens to be the weakest of the Flemoids you will see. It can only slime you at close-range with its nose. One zorch of almost any zorcher should be enoguh to send it back to its own dimension.
Flemoidus Bipedicus
A stronger version of the Commonus that uses both its nose and its arms to slime you, making its close-range slime attack stronger. It's also has more health than the Commonus.
Flemoidus Bipedicus with Armor
A Bipedicus that's wearing armor. Not only does it have more health and a similar close-range attack, but it can also shoot long-range slime balls at you, so watch out! That Mini-zorcher that you started out with may not be adequate to deal with a group of these boogers.
Flemoidus Quadrumpus
This four-armed Flemoid is built tough and appears to be made especially for combat. Its capabilities match those of the Bipedicus with armor.
Flemoidus Cycloptis
This one-eyed flying Flemoid is faster and tougher than anything yet covered. Its armor makes it more resistant to zorching, and its three arms that look more like tentacles also give it a slimy close-range attack. That Mini-zorcher really won't work well at all against a group of these slime monsters.
Flemoidus Larva
A Flemoid larva that isn't quite full-grown yet, but it's still nothing short of dangerously slimy. It's like the Cycloptis, except it's slower and has lower health.
Flemoidus Stridicus
This bad booger is the worst of the Cycloptis family. Not only does it have more health, but it's also faster! You just better hope you've got something better than a Mini-zorcher if you see a group of these bad boogers.
Flem Mine
Flem Mine
This little Flemoid leisurely floats around before lunging at you with slime spewing out of its pores. It typically found in groups.
Super Cycloptis
Super Cycloptis
This Cycloptis variant doesn't behave like the rest of its brethren. It has an upgraded pod that slows down the Super Cycloptis a little, but it has more health and gives it a significant amount of mobility, allowing it to fly around at will. It can also shoot slime balls, as well as slime at point-blank range, so you had better have something good for dealing with this type of threat.
The Flembrane
This is the wall of flem that is keeping the citizens on Bazoik hostage. You will have to zorch this booger with everything you've got to send it back to its own dimension. It's harder to zorch and can deal out more damage with its short-range slime attacks and long-range slime balls than anything yet covered. You'll need a better zorcher to deal with this one.
Flemoidus Maximus
This bad booger has bad news written all over it. It's tough to zorch, has a dangerous close-range slime attack, and can send out slime balls as big as your head! It's like the Flembrane, except it can walk around.
The Flembomination
This Flemoid is even faster, tougher, and more persistent than the Maximus! Once it sees you, it will continue to fire large slime balls at you in a one-two manner until you either hide yourself or attack it.
Lord Snotfolus
Lord Snotfolus
This is it. This is the main booger that mastermined the last attack on the Chex Warrior's planet in "Invasion!" This is the toughest Flemoid, period, with it's tough triple-slime ball attack, fast speed, and resistance to being zorched. You'll need to throw everything you have at this one to send it back.
Slime poolsSlime poolsSlime pools
Slime pools
The Flemoids' activity on the Bazoik Nutritional Development Center, Chex City, and various other locales have left dangerous pools of slime everywhere. Step in these for a prolonged period of time, and you will begin to lose health and armor for each second you stay in! You will need a slimeproof suit to protect yourself from the slimy effects of this Flemoidus slime.
NameHealthSpeedPain chanceBootspoon-spork/Mini-Rapid ZorcherLarge ZorcherZorch PropulsorPhasing ZorcherLAZ Device
Chex Warrior10024/50256102~251
Flem Mine1008/20256102151
Super Cycloptis40081283662181
Lord Snotfolus4,000162040058202003

All of the figures for the amount of zorches it takes to zorch someone are approximate and vary with distance, chance, and other factors.

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